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Free Summer Fun for Kids in DC

There is a lot going on this summer. And if your calendar looks anything like mine, our weekends are booking up quick! Both of my kids will be enjoying summer day camp this year and on my weekends with them I prefer to add a little education into the mix. Last year's "unschooling summer" was a HUGE success! I felt like both boys responded positively to trying new things and learning in this type of format. This year since I am no longer a Stay-At-Home-Mom I'm incorporating themes into each week and finding ways to teach them through crafts, cooking, art and hands-on learning. The biggest difference from last summer to this summer is that I will be planning the learning themes ahead of time. Which is honestly what I prefer, last year it was really cool to organically learn as we experienced life. For me that was stepping off the line a bit, embracing the idea of not having every minute of my life planned out.

While creating my planned unschooling schedule I came across some fun, free things to do with kids in DC. Maybe we will run into you!

Freer and Sackler Galleries
The galleries are located on the National Mall, the grassy area between the Capitol and the Washington Monument and ImaginAsia is a creative program for children and families.

The National Gallery of Art
The National Gallery of Art is located on the National Mall between 3rd and 7th Streets at Constitution Avenue NW. If you aren't local check out their NGAkids website anyhow, it has some really great online activities that you can incorporate into your summer learning regardless of where you live.
The NGA summer programs are organized into two series—Stories in Art (ages 4-7) and Artful Conversations (ages 8-11)—designed to engage children and parents with works of art in the galleries. Check out the dates and themes here.

(The picture above is from last summer when Zane came across a skateboarding magazine at the doctor's office. We then went home and he began learning how to skateboard. And my stock in band-aids flourished.)

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