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End of the year Teacher Gifts

It's that time of year, school is out!
I wanted to recognize and thank the wonderful team of women who surround my son with patience and every day wake up and arrive at school to teach and help him grow. I know that teaching a child on the spectrum can be difficult and yet can be the most rewarding year of teaching. I didn't have time to hand make gifts this year, I did however whip up some really cute cards and included a Starbucks gift card.


Anonymous said...

This says it all, smile on the face, sparkles in the eyes and the teachers will say "What a rewarding year this has been." Great job Gretchen the "Team of Women at Logan's school has a smile on their face today, especially after they see this picture.

Anonymous said...

SUPER CUTE! ...gia

Dara said...

this was my favorite teacher gift, hands down...and one of the best pictures I have seen of him! so JOYFUL!!! I love it!

craftymama said...

those are great- i'm sure your son's teachers felt appreciated!


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