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Love 24/7

I drive 45 minutes each way to work. When I tell people this they inhale a large amount of air and then follow with a "wow that's a drive..."
I honestly don't mind it. I feel like my mind needs that time to decompress after work, before picking up the kids so that I can really be present for them. In the morning I drink my coffee and sing along to the radio like everyone else next to me in bumper to bumper traffic. It's a boring drive down the beltway not much to see....but during my first week of this job I was stuck in traffic and I happened to look over and I saw this graffiti on the back of a sign. I took it as a message from the universe. After that first encounter I searched for it again on my drive, when I would remember, and I would either have just passed it or a large truck was blocking my view. I decided that the universe would give it to me again when I needed it. Like a gift on a special day. I stopped looking. And I developed faith that some day...a random day...I would get to see it again and today was that day.

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