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Bicycle- Indian Head Rail Trail

Saturday I enjoyed the view of the beautiful weather from the seat of my bike. I tried the new Indian Head Rail Trail and it was worth the drive! The trail is completely flat. Which is a blessing and a curse. A blessing because you don't have to climb hills, a curse because you never stop pedaling. It's an up and back trail totaling 26 miles with lots of available parking. For those of you with kids this is the perfect trail for your beginner rider. Not only is it flat but it's straight, with only a few stops to cross a non busy 2 lane road. There are plenty of places along the ride to take a break on a park bench and discover nature. While on the ride we saw turtles basking in the sun, beaver lodges, a blue heron, a snake, lots of lizards and listened to a chorus of frogs.
And just an FYI- for the kids, like mine, who refuse to pee in the woods... there are plenty of port-a-potties along the trail also.
Add this trail to your list of free things to do this summer before it really heats up!


Anonymous said...

Looks wonderful. Stacey and I love to bike our rails to trails also. Phil.

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