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Lines across my face...

My birthday is approaching, it gets me thinking about age and what it means to me. Every year past thirty I ask myself some questions...Am I holding on to this number or am I going forward? Am I at that point where I just never mention how old I am, let people assume I'm in my 30's? This all may seem silly to you, a tad superficial. This is my honest truth. What aging is to me may be issues with your thighs/soft tummy to you. We all have our "thing" right?

I love the lyrics to Brandi Carlile's song "The Story",
"All of these lines across my face.
Tell you the story of who I am.
So many stories of where I've been.
And how I got to where I am.
But these stories don't mean anything
when you've got no one to tell them to.
It's true, I belong to you."

Where did these lines come from? I don't remember when they appeared. It probably happened when I was changing an exploded diaper at 3am or when one of my beautiful boys sang me a song and I cried tears of pure joy because his voice was so sweet and that moment was the best gift God could give me or when I climbed a hill on my bike encouraging myself to go on or when my best friend, Jabby, made me laugh so hard and so loud it cleared a subway car.

I'm trying to learn how to embrace each line on my face. As Brandi so beautifully sings they do "tell you the story of who I am". Don't get me wrong...I'm not ruling out an eye lift in my 60's quite yet. :)
But instead of focusing energy on a number, instead I'm in a state of reflection. Taking note of all the amazing things I've done over the past year and the plans I have for the year ahead of me.
It's going to be one amazing ride!

And these lines across my face, they are the map of my life.

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful post, as always.

Beautiful lines...glad you are embracing them and all of the wonderful memories they hold.

BTW- nice bow :)


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