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Save yourself some $ and watch TV online

I recently was commissioned for a custom project that involved hours of hand sewing. It was extremely tedious but the money I was being paid was well worth it. After the first day though it was hard to gather the motivation to work so I thought I'd watch a little TV while sewing but then I spent precious time flipping through the channels searching for something to watch. Not very productive. Randomly I decided to check the major stations online to see if I could stream something interesting. I had no idea that on you can watch full episodes of Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives, LOST and many more. I was hooked and soon enough the custom project was complete. Who needs cable or TIVO when you can watch full episodes on ABC, CBS, NBC. And there are great open source free ware companies like Miro that is chock full of interesting shows.

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CindyLooHoo said...

Well...guess I didn't need to spend $2 buying last week Grey's from Itunes!! Bummer, but thanks for the heads up. Brad has been watching all of his shows online lately because of his work schedule. Now, we will both have our laptops going and the comfort of knowing the shows are there when we want them!!!


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