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Easiest Quickest Handmade Christmas Present Ever

If you've known me for more the 2 or 3 years it is very likely that you have been given a Hot or Cold Rice Pack. Made quickly and simply with scraps of material and yet a complete crowd pleaser.

Sew a rectangle leaving one end open. Fill 2/3 full with rice and a few drops of essential oils. (Peppermint or Lavender oils smell great.) Sew fourth seem and - your done!

With ribbon or scraps of yarn tie on small tag inscribed, "Freeze for cold pack. Microwave 2-6 minutes for hot pack."

* Try to be mindful of whether or not the person you are giving this present to has a microwave. If they don't, they can still use it as a cold pack but it does decrease 50% of the gift's usefulness.

*The essential oils will wear off after a few uses. Suggest to refresh by dropping a few drops of the oil onto the material of the rice pack before use.

* These are not a great gift for shipping as the are on the heavier side.

* I've given this gift to friends, family, and co-workers. I think it would also be a great hostess gift or teacher gift.

* Finally, I've paired this gift with home-made bath salts, hand-made soap, and a crochet soap cozy and thought of it as a unique spa gift set.

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