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A Birthday Gift that is inexpensive, easy to make and perfect for anyone? Check this out!

Recently we celebrated my wife's birthday and I wanted to make her a little something, maybe a sweet treat or something that she could enjoy for a while after the birthday festivities ended.

Randomly, I came up with this brilliant idea after a trip to Costco while I was putting boxes in our recycling bin. What could I do with cardboard? Then it hit me! My wife was turning 40 in a few days, why not cut out a big four and zero and attach her favorite chocolate mini candies to it?

Thankfully the Halloween candy packs are out his time of year so finding the candy was really easy. And I already have a stash of hot glue sticks in a drawer ready for the next craft project. I freehanded the numbers and then cut them out with sharp scissors. I added a small dot of hot glue to each candy and then pressed it to the cardboard, it was a breeze and would be easy for kids to do under adult supervision. The whole project took less than an hour and has provided much enjoyment for the recipient (my wife) and her co-workers. 

The next time you need a quick birthday gift, run to your recycling bin and craft up this awesome gift! It would be great for all ages.

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