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Friendships come and go...

Is there someone you have lost sight of recently? How could you reconnect?
Facebook has been a wonderful way to reconnect with long lost friends for me. Take the Facebook emails a step further and meet in person. Look the friend in the eye and truly listen to the story of her life. Be present and open your heart to forgiveness. Don't allow past arguments, hurt feelings or time to ruin the possibility of your future relationship. 

But it's also okay if there isn't a future relationship and you remain "Facebook friends". People come in and out of our lives for a reason. I believe that the Universe puts people in our lives at that exact moment for a purpose. Maybe we needed the support at that time in our lives; raising children, a job, divorce. Or maybe we both needed a friend while we experienced something great in our lives; a marathon, college, summer camp. That person is a part of our memories. 

"Instead of dwelling on the pain of saying goodbye to a friendship, look at it as a chapter that was filled with many memories and now lessons that will forever live with you. Sometimes we are welcomed by friendships that aren’t meant to last forever, but are meant to teach us and help us grow on our beautiful journeys." 
-Joey Parker is Editor-In-Chief of The Joey Parker Movement

If you choose to meet face-to-face remember that we all have grown up and changed. You are a different person than you were in college and so is the person sitting across from you. Be open, be present and honor your spirit.

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