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Gift for Someone Going Through a Difficult Time: A Box of Sunshine

Do you know someone who is going through a difficult time?

Maybe they are getting a divorce, or have fallen ill, had a recent surgery or are just overwhelmed with work and life. Let them know you are thinking of them by sending them a Box of Sunshine.

Head to Target, CVS, Walgreens, Dollar Tree or your local store that has a variety of items and fill a Flat Rate USPS box with items that are yellow. The box is more unique when the items are random, no other theme other than being yellow. Have your children be involved and walk around the store having them identify items that are yellow.

Ideas: yellow washcloth, small cutting board, bubblegum, mints, candle, notepad, post-it notes, pens, nail polish, peeps, movies, books, seeds for yellow flowers, coffee mug.
Enjoy the process of filling the box and be sure to write a note for the inside letting your friend know it's a BOX OF SUNSHINE!

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