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Hot Kitty Heating Pad for Kids

I made these cute heating pads for all the kids in our family this past Christmas. I drew the pattern out on paper, I knew I wanted a simple animal that was also a bit gender neutral. Boys and girls can both love cats but give a boy a bunny and for whatever reason he deems it a "girl stuffed animal". 

I used felt for the eyes and nose and holiday fabric that I had in my stash left over from the Christmas Tree Skirt and the Christmas Stockings. Each kitty was filled with rice, purchased in bulk at Costco, and culinary lavender. The lavender when heated smells fantastic and helps calm wee ones when they are feeling anxious before going to bed. I put the message below on a tag on each kitty so that the parents would know what to do with it.

Make a Hot Kitty for a special someone in your life!  
Hot Kitty!
The warmth of a heating pad can soothe a child's achy muscles or ease the pain of a stomachache. It can keep you warm on a cold night, and it can even be used to gently warm up your bed before you go to sleep.
I'm certain this rice filled heating pad is not nearly as good as being held by a loving aunt, but hopefully having your very own "Hot Kitty" will remind you that you are loved! 
Have your mom or dad heat your kitty in the microwave in 20 seconds increments until it’s warm to the touch.
Merry Christmas!
Love Lauren, Gretchen, Logan and Zane

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