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Pressed Pennies

Our friend Ryan recently introduced us to pressed pennies for collecting while visiting the National Museum of Natural History in DC. His wife actually collects them but for us we immediately thought it would be perfect for our kids. Honestly it would be perfect for any young kid. Now every museum or destination (example rest stops on a road trip) we bring along 51 cents to press a penny. Recently we went to the Baltimore Aquarium and instead of buying an overpriced souvenir in the gift shop both of my kids were thrilled to pick out their picture for their pennies.
If you don't have kids yourself set your nephew or niece up with a penny passport and a pressed penny from the state you live in. Then every time you visit him/her bring a pressed penny to add to their collection. You'll immediately be the favorite aunt, and that's what we all want. Right?!?!

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CindyLooHoo said...

That's so great! I actually collect them too- and have a little over 30 as of now. They have them at most of the National Park Visitor Centers, as well as musuems and not to mention the many I have from Disney World. I was a little obsessed with getting all of the characters I could- such a kid I am!! We went to the planetarium a few weekends ago and I got the coolest one ever!!! You have to make a trip up to see it!!! :)


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