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Ikea Wrapping Paper

In my effort to be more environmentally friendly I wanted to think of a new way to wrap holiday gifts this year. Yes, I reuse gift bags...I've done the "funny pages" thing. But this year we moved from Seattle to Maryland right before the holidays and outfitted our new house with Ikea furniture so I saved all of the instructions that come with the furniture and the idea was that my 2 sons could color them. Well they weren't interested so hubby and I sat one night and did it ourselves and the result was fantastic. I made the flower gift tag labels out of cardboard, which we also had plenty of because of the move.


Anonymous said...

It's really a great idea. I just want to know what you did with all the allen keys that came with the ikea stuff! You can build an ikea house with their one size fits all key! I've got like 20 of them! Any ideas?

Gretchen & Jessica said...

Oh Ryan I recycled them. Took them back to Ikea where they add them to the pile of tools in the customer service area. But you could build a house. :)

Anonymous said...

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